Glen Powell, who played the role of Hangman, continued to work on pilots after ''Top Gun Maverick'', and seems comfortable taking on the sequel.

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Glen Powell attracted attention for his role in the Sky action movie ''Top Gun: His Maverick'' (2022) Hangman, which was revived on the silver screen after 36 years. Powell is expected to reappear in the sequel, which is said to be in preparation, but he has changed his approach after participating as a producer in the documentary film ''The Blue Angels,'' which depicts the activities of the aerobatic squadron ''Blue Angels.'' speaking. ''The Blue Angels'' follows the rigorous training of pilots old and new as they fly flawlessly in the skies, and also features thrilling flight performances filmed with IMAX cameras. 

In addition to serving as a producer on this film, Powell also played Tom Hudner, a real-life aviator who fought in the Korean War, in the movie "Devotion: My Best Wingman" (2022). The relationship continues. Powell says that participating in these productions made him feel closer to the world of naval aviators. In an interview with Screen Rant, he said, ''After appearing in ''Top Gun'' and ''Devotion,'' I started to feel a sense of belonging to the Navy. The fact that it's my call sign is really cool, and I think it's great that I can still call the pilots my friends."

I don't think it needs an explanation, but a call sign is a nickname used to call a pilot, and it often reflects the individuality of each pilot. Powell, who went by the call sign "Hangman" in "Maverick," said it was a new world for him when he starred in "Top Gun," but now that he's more familiar with the world of naval aviators, he's become more familiar with pilots. He says he can call them "his family." "So we'll be able to approach this movie ('Top Gun 3') differently. I think it would be great for everyone to just feel a little more lived in and comfortable." He hinted that he would be able to take on the challenge of filming ''Top Gun 3'' in a more relaxed manner.

In addition to Powell, Tom Cools, who plays Maverick, and Miles Teller, who plays Goose, are reportedly expected to return for the third Top Gun movie.

The Blue Angels, produced by Powell, is currently showing in IMAX in the United States and will be distributed worldwide on Prime Video from May 23, 2024.

Source: Screenrant