In Alien 3, there was an idea for aliens to appear on Earth - "The studio was scared and couldn't make it happen."

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''Alien 3'' (1992) is the third film in the monumental ''Alien'' science fiction film series, and the feature-length debut of David Fincher, who is now a master. The film was set in a space prison, but an entirely different setting was being considered before Fincher's appointment. At the beginning of the project, Renny Harlin, who would go on to direct ''Die Hard 2'' (1990) and ''Cliffhanger'' (1993), was scheduled to direct ''Alien 3''. To the US/Film, the actor himself says that a bold idea was being planned in which ''aliens appear on Earth.'' Why did Harlin's idea never come to fruition?

"I worked on 'Alien 3' in 1989. It was before 'Jurassic Park' and the studios were scared of the idea of creatures appearing on Earth and felt they couldn't make it happen. is"

Harlin was actually involved in planning and development from around 1988 to 1989. He worked on a screenplay with science fiction master William Gibson as well as screenwriters Eric Red and David Twohy, but none of them came to fruition. Harlin's idea seems to have been proposed at some stage.

“I thought it was a natural progression [to have aliens on Earth]. ''Aliens'' (1979) was about truck drivers in space, and ''Aliens 2'' (1986) was about a group of marines in space. When I thought about what to do next, I thought, ''Let's have an alien appear in a cornfield on Earth.'' In my head, I pictured a farmer and a cornfield illuminated by moonlight. The poster had an image of them going through the motions. There was no movie like that at the time, so I still think it would have been a big hit. But for some reason, the studio thought, ''This won't appeal to the audience.'' That's why."

Instead, the idea that came up was to ``put aliens on a prison ship,'' which led to the completed ''Alien 3.'' Harlin could not accept this and ended up leaving the project.

"That's a long time ago, and I'm not blaming anyone. Anyway, I worked on Alien 3 for a year, and I left politely and respectfully. After Ridley Scott and James Cameron, I thought, I couldn't bear to make a movie that didn't live up to the audience's expectations and didn't give them the same experience as the previous two movies.''

Harlin also said of his Alien 3, ''It was important for me to make a movie that people could relate to.'' ''The characters may be in space, but they are us in space, and that's why they're so moving.'' Fincher, who was hired after Harlin's departure, also looks back on the production of Alien 3, saying, ''It was really terrible. I swore I would never make the same mistake again.'' "In the two years I was involved, I almost got fired [by the studio] three times and had to fight every time. No one hates that movie more than me. To this day, no one ”

By the way, Harlin's idea of ''aliens appearing on Earth'' has finally been realized in the TV drama version of ''Alien'' after 35 years. The story is set 70 years from now on Earth in the near future, and the creator is Noah Hawley, the creator of Fargo (2014-). It is expected to be broadcast after 2025.

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