Unfrosted: the story of an American snack – an unexpected cameo/crossover in the film with a famous TV series!

Jerry Seinfeld wanted to make a long-held dream come true by including the two protagonists of a famous TV show in the film.

Image Credit: Netflix

Sixties. United States. Cereals. The new film Unfrosted, available on Netflix starting May 3, focuses on the long and heated rivalry between Kellogg's and Post Cereal. Based on a true story, it enriches the already large catalog of the streaming platform, with Jerry Seinfeld dominating the scene, in the dual role of director and leading actor. The broad decision-making power allowed him to fulfill a desire he had been carrying with him for a long time, entering, in a certain sense, into the events of a TV show well known to fans of serial products, which last aired in 2015. : Mad Men!

Unfrosted: the cameo/crossover of the popular series

Jerry Seinfeld decided to pay homage to you, through a real crossover between the two products. In Unfrosted, we remember him, he plays Bob Cabana, a Kellogg's executive committed to challenging Marjorie Post (Amy Schumer) of Post Cereal. The contenders try to win in a tight head-to-head in the creation of a new, revolutionary breakfast snack. When the Kellogg's team is in front, the problem arises of attributing an effective name, capable of capturing the attention of potential buyers, in line with the characteristics of the item placed on the market.

On these premises, two advertising and marketing gurus burst onto the scene: Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Roger Sterling (John Slattery). Set in 1963, the same period as Mad Men, the fusion of the two worlds allowed everything to be accommodated in one universe. Among the reasons that pushed Seinfeld to make the feature film was the impossibility of appearing in Mad Men, explains Seinfeld. As a result, he thought about wearing a suit to an office in the 1960s. In this way, he could have gotten closer to the famous series. Getting the much-needed yes from the main faces of Mad Men represented the fulfillment of a dream.