Inside Out 2 is expected to earn between $80 million and $85 million during its opening weekend

Will Pixar emerge from the box office crisis with Inside Out 2?

Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios

Box office projections for Inside Out 2 appear to be excellent, with forecasts pointing to a possible 5-year box office record for Pixar. The sequel to the hit 2015 film promises to take viewers on another adventure inside Riley's mind, introducing new emotions and an all-star cast returning to bring beloved characters to life. According to Deadline, initial projections indicate that Inside Out 2 could earn a domestic opening weekend of between $80 million and $85 million. If confirmed, these figures would position the film as the best opening for Pixar since 2019, when Toy Story 4 made its triumphant debut grossing $120.9 million.

The return of box office success could represent a turning point for Pixar, which has faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting changes in the cinematic landscape. While some of their previous projects have encountered difficulties, Inside Out 2 looks set to dominate its opening weekend, outselling both new releases and past hits. The successful prospects for Inside Out 2 could also have positive repercussions for Pixar's next projects. With titles like Toy Story 5 and Elio on the way, the company could be on its way to maintaining its leading position in the world of animation.

Inside Out 2: A new character could mean that Riley's parents will experience new emotions too

The long-awaited sequel to Inside Out seems to promise not only a new adventure for Riley but also greater depth in the exploration of human emotions. With Inside Out 2 on the way and the release of the trailer, fans have been introduced to emotional new characters that will join the already iconic team that populates Riley's mind. However, one particular preview raised questions about whether Riley's parents might experience new emotions as well. The trailer for Inside Out 2 introduced Anxiety, Boredom, Embarrassment, and Envy as new emotions that make their way into Riley's mind, in response to the puberty troubles he is going through. However, another character suggested but not yet confirmed, could also be key to understanding the emotions of Riley's parents: Nostalgia.

The presence of Nostalgia raises questions about the nature of emotions in the world of Inside Out. In the first film, the adult characters only displayed the same five emotions as Riley, despite having already gone through puberty. The hypothesis is that Nostalgia could be an emotion that manifests itself in Riley's parents, suggesting that their emotional experiences are more complex and multifaceted than previously seen. This perspective brings with it many fascinating possibilities for character development and storytelling. If Riley's parents were able to experience new emotions, it could be an explanation for the fact that their minds appeared less dynamic in the first film than Riley's. We get to see how their emotions interact with Riley's and how they affect his growth and emotional development.

Furthermore, this addition could resolve some of the confusion generated by the trailer and the idea that Riley's parents' emotions remain consistently limited to the same five emotions seen in the first film. If Nostalgia were an emotional character for one of the parents, this could explain how some personified feelings are only present temporarily in Riley's headquarters, reflecting fluctuations in adult emotions.

Source: Screenrant