The Boys: Who is Black Noir in Season 4?

Even after the character's fate in the third year of the series, the hero reappeared in the new episodes

Image Credit: Prime Video

[Beware of possible spoilers for The Boys below]

The fourth season of The Boys begins with Vought looking for new members for The Seven. In the third year, Luz-Estrela abandoned the group, Black Noir died and Maeve was presumed dead after Soldier Boy's explosion. However, the return of the series brought the silent ninja back to the group and the new version has some peculiarities.

What happened to Black Noir?

In the third season, after Soldier Boy escapes, Noir decides to remove the tracking chip from his wrist and isolates himself. Noir knows that the hero will discover that he was behind the plan to eliminate him in the past. We then see the masked man hallucinating with imaginary friends and a flashback to the mission against Soldier Boy. Buster, the imaginary beaver, and his companions encourage Noir to face his fears and he decides to return to the Vought tower. Back then, he and Homeland team up to kill Soldier Boy, but the leader of The Seven decides to ask if Noir knew that the hero of the past was his father. Noir says yes. Homeland cries with sadness and in a fit of rage, pierces Noir's belly with his hand and rips out his entrails.

Who is the new Noir?

As in every good comic book, the hero's image is so big and important that it cannot die along with the person wearing the uniform. It was like this with Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson as Captain America, Shuri and Black Panther, Dick Grayson and Batman and many others. With Vought and its control over the lives and images of heroes, it would be no different. In this way, a new Noir was placed in Os Sete, without the population knowing. He is simply presented as the hero, even though behind the scenes things are different. 

The new one - still played by Nathan Mitchell - is an actor, hired to stay in character all the time, but every now and then he can't stay in the role. When Noir, Profundo, and Trem-Bala get together to kill three fans and accuse Luz-Estrela, we see for the first time the big difference between the two: he doesn't stop wanting to talk! When Todd dies, he shouts: “What the fuck?” Although everyone tells him to stay quiet and stick to his character, the new Black Noir is always willing to give a hint about the plans of The Seven or comment on the intrigues and situations in the heroes' meeting room.