Hiroyuki Sanada promises to ''maintain quality'' for ''SHOGUN'' season 2

Image Credit: FX on Hulu

SHOGUN, a period drama that was jointly produced by a Japanese team and Hollywood and became a social phenomenon in the United States, has received such a great reputation that it has changed its plans to be only one season. It is currently scheduled to be produced up to season 3. Many fans are worried that the quality will decline in the following seasons, as season 1 was so realistic, but it seems there is no need to worry. The Hollywood Reporter in the United States has introduced the reliable words of the production team.

Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo, the husband-wife duo who succeeded in this difficult project as producers, will continue to lead the team from season 2 onwards. When they visited Japan for season 1, they jokingly said that they "fought a lot" about the creation, and this time they are saying that they are "at the stage of fighting" about the content of season 2. In fact, they have been planning season 2 since December 2023. They also recently came to Japan for research, and the two of them traveled to various places in the country. 

Although the intention to produce up to season 3 has been announced, Hiroyuki Sanada, who also serves as producer, said, "Season 3 is the true ending. I know how it begins and how it ends." He also predicted that season 2 will be a "dark chapter." Hiroyuki Sanada, the lead actor who also serves as producer, commented, "James Clavell's original novel is no longer there. However, I have learned his soul and the flavor of storytelling. His DNA resides in our bodies." As season 1 depicted the original novel to the end, the sequel will be an original story, but he said that the essence of season 1 will continue. "For me, maintaining quality is the most important thing."

Anna Sawai, who plays Mariko, is not expected to return. While he said that she could appear in a flashback scene, he commented, "I don't know if that's necessary. I don't want them to write something that's forced just to have her appear. I'm satisfied, so I'd like to watch it as a viewer next time." Furthermore, according to producers Marks and Kondo, the production team and studio have "declared that if what comes out is not good, everyone at FX will stop production." What will happen in season 2 of "Shogun"? We'll have to wait until the show starts to announce new cast members, schedules, and more.