Sydney Sweeney will play boxer Christy Martin in David Michôd's film

Sydney Sweeney enters the ring: she will play the boxer Christy Martin in the new biopic directed by David Michôd. The actress has a great passion for boxing and MMA.

Sydney Sweeney/Christy Martin

Sydney Sweeney is ready to step into the ring to play boxer Christy Martin for director David Michôd; the actress “can't wait to start training” for the role – the project is on the Cannes market By Andreas Wiseman. Fresh from the success of the romantic comedy Anyone But You and the horror Immaculate, Sweeney will soon dive into the biopic under the director of Animal Kingdom and The King. The as-yet-untitled project will tell the true story of Martin's rise to become America's most famous female boxer in the 1990s – the "female version of Rocky," in the words of the film's producers. Her life transformed in 1989 when she met her manager, and then-husband, Jim Martin. Breaking boundaries, she becomes the first woman to sign with iconic promoter Don King and the only female boxer to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. 

Her charisma, good looks, and endurance in the ring won her a large following and led her to become the welterweight champion. But behind the character's facade, she had to face personal demons, toxic relationships, and a brutal attempt on her life. In a way, this is territory well known to Sweeney, who is known to have a great passion for boxing and MMA. The actress told Deadline: “I did grappling and kickboxing from the age of 12 to 19. I couldn't wait to get back in the ring, train, and transform my body." Christy's story is not light, she is physically and emotionally demanding, and there is a lot of weight to carry. But I love to challenge myself."

She continued: “Christy Martin not only legitimized women's boxing, but she overcame gender stereotypes and fought against emotional, physical, and financial abuse. I am passionate about the world of fighting, Christy's story highlights her incredible rise to the top whilst also showing the struggles of her fame behind the scenes. I feel compelled to tell the story of a woman who faced so many adversities and didn't let them defeat her. She is powerful and exciting”.

Director Michôd told Deadline: “I have a history of making films about damaged men and I wanted to make a film about a woman with a fierce energy within her. When I came across Christy Martin's story two years ago I knew I had found it. Her ferocity is understandable and justifiable and audiences will desire it because of the circumstances she was forced to endure."