'Spawn' reboot 'isn't going to be like mini-Marvel, mini-DC' - 'Joker' screenwriter planning a 'daring' attempt?

Original author/producer Todd McFarlane has opened up about the progress of the long-gestating reboot of Spawn. 

Image Credit: Image Comics

The screenwriting team led by Scott Silver, who wrote the scripts for the Joker movie series, seems to be refining the story and honing its quality of the story. The reboot version of "Spawn" had been in development since before the coronavirus pandemic, and the script was apparently being developed after Silver was reportedly participating in 2022. It appears that work on the film was temporarily halted due to a strike in Hollywood, but work is currently underway intending to complete it by October 2024. MacFarlane spoke about the current situation in an interview with Comicbook.com.

"There's a script, but the writers aren't satisfied with what they've done. That's what creative people are. They put it on paper and criticize themselves. Now they're doing extensive reworkings, We're going through the rewrites, and I was just on the phone a few days ago with Scott Silver, who's currently directing the script, and he's also the writer of Joker and Joker 2. But we want to have it completed and ready to submit before Joker 2 comes out in October, so we can finally find a studio. ”

It was known that Blumhouse Productions, an up-and-coming American film studio specializing in horror films, was involved in the project, but MacFarlane previously revealed that he was not interested in collaborating with the studio. After the script is completed, it seems that the production and distribution destination will be decided in earnest. ''Spawn'' is the story of CIA operative Al Simmons, who is killed by his comrades during his mission and returns to the real world as a member of Hell's army, ''Hellspawn'', to reunite with his beloved wife. MacFarlane said of the reboot, "It's not going to be a story about the good guys versus the bad guys."

As for Silver, who leads the screenwriting effort, MacFarlane says he's "fearless and doesn't try to recreate a safe, predictable path that many people would take." He says he is aiming for something different from Marvel and DC, which are also grouped under the genre of "American comics." "He (Silver) wants to bend it. We're going to make it R-rated and we can't make it like mini-Marvel or mini-DC. That's not good." The release date is undecided at this time. For now, I would like to wait for the script to be completed.

Source: Comicbook