One Piece on Netflix: Iñaki Godoy celebrates Luffy's birthday and secretly teases a new character for season 2

Luffy's One Piece actor not only celebrated the popular hero's birthday but also hinted at a future villain.

Image Credit: Netflix

On May 5, 2024, One Piece protagonist Monkey D. Luffy's birthday was celebrated around the world. Netflix didn't miss the opportunity and also took part in the celebrations. Iñaki Godoy, Luffy's actor in the live-action adaptation of One Piece, expressed his warmest congratulations to the hero in a small video - and had another surprise in store for fans. With a cake and a candle, Godoy apparently revealed a new character for the second season.

A candle in the shape of the number 3

On the occasion of Luffy's birthday, Netflix released a video in which Iñaki Godoy celebrated Luffy's birthday with brief flashbacks to the series. There was even a beautiful white cake that didn't look unusual at first glance! But after Godoy's congratulations and the blowing out of the candle on the cake, that changed. With the dramatic music from the series, the camera zoomed in on the blown-out candle, which now revealed its shape, a 3. Of course, Luffy won't be 3 years old and fans quickly noticed that this is a teaser for one of the main antagonists of the Little Garden arc: Mr. 3.

Another reference to Little Garden

Spoiler warning! The following section contains spoilers regarding the identity of Mr. 3 and the Little Garden arc in One Piece. Mr. 3, also known as Gal Dino, is one of the antagonists in the Little Garden arc in One Piece and also possesses devil fruits. In his case, it is the ability to produce infinite amounts of wax that hardens quickly and cannot be cut by a swordsman. In the series, the Straw Hats meet Mr. 3, who is having a small coffee party and is in possession of an enormously large white cake - another connection to the birthday cake.

After the Alabasta arc with Crocodile, Mr. 3 becomes an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates and takes his real name as Gal Dino. This isn't the first time we've seen a tease like this for season 2. Usopp actor Jacob Gibson had already hinted at the adaptation of Little Garden in a video on April 1st. With this new revelation, it's almost certain that Little Garden, including Vivi's appearance, will appear in the second season of the Netflix series. If you want to take a closer look at the first note again, we also link the article from that time here:

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The first season of the live-action adaptation of One Piece can be watched on Netflix along with all 8 episodes and ends with the conclusion of the Arlong-Nami arc. The LA series is available complete with German dubbing. The manga is available in English on Shueisha's official website called Manga Plus and you can watch the anime series on both Crunchyroll and Netflix in the original Japanese language and German subtitles.

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