'Knives Out' third film to be released in the US in 2025 - Title: ''Wake Up Dead Man'', Benoît Blanc's ''Most Dangerous Case'' in History

Image Credit: Netflix

It has been announced that the third installment of the popular mystery series ''Knives Out'' starring Daniel Craig as a detective will be released in the US in 2025. It has also been revealed that the title will be ''Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery.'' The first installment of this series, ''Knives Out/The Secret of the Detective and the House of Blades,'' was released by Lionsgate in the United States in 2019. In 2022, the second film, ''Knives Out: Glass Onion,'' was distributed by Netflix and became popular.

Netflix has recently released a teaser video for the third installment. In the video, Detective Benoît Blanc, played by Daniel Craig, narrates, saying, ``At first a knife came out, and lo and behold, the glass shattered. But my most dangerous case was revealed.'' The title logo is displayed. The title ''Wake Up Dead Man'' literally means ''Wake up, dead man.'' If we try to interpret it literally, we can assume that someone who was thought to be dead will be brought back to life. Also, in 1986, a song with the same title was released by the popular British band U2, but the relationship between the two is unclear at this point.

Rian Johnson, who directs, produces, and writes the series, updated his There's a whole range of tones from (John Dickson) Carr to (Agatha) Christie, and being able to explore that range is one of the most exciting things about making a Benoît Blanc film. It's one thing," he wrote, expressing his enthusiasm for the third work. The teaser video announced the return of lead actor Daniel Craig, but the rest of the cast remains shrouded in mystery. Johnson has also announced that filming will begin soon, and casting is apparently underway behind the scenes. This series features a gorgeous cast, and what kind of faces will be gathered in the next case? Further information is said to be "scheduled to arrive soon."