Furiosa: a Mad Max Saga Review of the George Miller's exciting post-apocalyptic saga

We saw Furiosa: a Mad Max Saga, the new chapter of George Miller's exciting post-apocalyptic saga. This is the review.

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Nine years after the masterpiece Fury Road, capable of collecting 6 Oscar awards, the Australian director George Miller returns to his post-apocalyptic universe to tell the origins of Furiosa, the heroine played first by Charlize Theron and now by Anya Taylor-Joy. The name is Chris Hemsworth also stands out in the cast as the villain of the moment "Dementus".

Furiosa: Mad Max Saga, the commentary

Years before the meeting with the solitary Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy in Fury Road) there was only Furiosa (Anya Taylor-Joy), or rather her twisted story made up of kidnappings, suffering and finally revenge, all seasoned with the usual menu, that is, crazy chases, crazy cars and characters as bizarre as they are unique. But will this be enough to give audiences a new cinematic masterpiece on par with its predecessor? The new work of the Australian director, although narratively considered the most classic of the prequels, tries in every way to expand the known universe of Mad Max. In doing so the director offers a wide range of references to Fury Road while at the same time showing in detail places of worship only mentioned in the past, and iconic wars never narrated. And it is precisely here that Furiosa comes into play, a character capable of stealing the show from Max himself in Fury Road, and who here stands as the new catalyst of the saga itself.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The final trailer of the film

Despite the few lines, Tom Hardy himself had very few in Fury Road, the very young Anya Taylor-Joy manages to accompany the paying public on an emotional journey through innate talent, on the other hand, we are talking about an actress capable of exciting millions of viewers just by looking at the TV series "The Chess Queen". Taylor-Joy's stage presence alone is worth the price of the ticket, and Charlize Theron, although extraordinary, doesn't matter, here we are on a much higher level. But what is she a heroine without a villain to face? Well, forgetting an active Immortal Joe, here relegated to a secondary role, Chris Hemsworth's Dementus offers the right nemesis for a character like Furiosa. The villain of Thor's Interpreter is more than perfect for a film of this kind: he is in fact the right mix of madness, ingenuity, and charisma, all accompanied by an impressive stage presence and some perfectly spot-on lines!

Furiosa: Mad Max Saga, not just Furiosa!

But Furiosa: a Mad Max Saga is not just the story of the character who gives the film its name. In fact, we find ourselves faced with a complex narrative, mostly made up of power struggles, where the social fabric is now a distant memory. The end of society and the consequences of what comes after are undoubtedly at the center of Miller's cinematic epic. The reconstruction of some of the most important locations of the saga, the desolation of the entire post-apocalyptic Australian territory, and even that hint of madness that unites the survivors, represent the true fulcrum of a film which, despite its defects on a screenplay level, can be considered a spectacle for the eyes, but also a message for the new generations, too busy thinking about the present rather than the future.

On a technical level, Furiosa: a Mad Max Saga is the best you could ask for in contemporary entertainment cinema. If we think that Fury Road managed to take home the main category Oscars thanks to an aesthetic dynamic very similar to the one shown here, then it seems almost obvious that the same epilogue could be repeated at the next edition of the Oscars. In fact, scenography, sound, and visual effects are mixed in a masterful way, and most of the time they manage to hide certain holes in the script which on some occasions risk ruining Miller's work...nothing to worry about though!

In conclusion

George Miller's latest work, as underlined by the 7 minutes of applause in Cannes, represents yet another homage to the seventh art. The epic of Furiosa, before Fury Road, is an exciting story, capable of expanding the Mad Max narrative universe, but without ever losing sight of the only true objective, satisfying the viewer.

..when is the next chapter?